Join the mwBeCLOUD and start benefiting as a member of the largest minority business network in the US. 

By 2022, we aim to have 1 million member firms with over 1 million associated employees.
Our mission is to lower the cost of doing business, one service at a time. 


Official Launch Coming Soon!

The mwBeClOUD is partnering with leading goods and services Providers and Buyers to lower business expenses for small or minority owned businesses.

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mwBeCLOUD Services

mwBeCLOUD Money

As a provider of capital products, you want to make your products visible to firms that relay on access to capital to fulfill their contract commitments. Help lower costs to firms and maximize returns to your business.

Learn about becoming a Capital Partner    

mwBeCLOUD Insurance

As an insurance services provider, you understand the importance of adequate cover and lower premiums. Join the mwBeCLOUD and access new opportunities for your Insurance business. 

Learn about becoming an Insurance Partner

mwBeCLOUD Employees

The mwBeCLOUD is passionate about the well being of business owners and their employees. Our broker gateway, will bring unrivaled benefits and value to businesses of all size; reducing premiums and maximizing benefits.

mwBeCLOUD Broker Gateway coming soon!

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Negotiating better rates for capital for mwBeCLOUD members

The mwBeCLOUD is connecting certified & non certified firms with leading financial services providers. We are increasing access and lowering the cost of capital so firms mobilize more effectively with the right levels of cash-flow to complete on-time and on-budget contracts. 

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Reducing premiums for, commercial,  health, life and other necessary insurances

The mwBeCLOUD is partnering with leading Insurance Services Providers to bring best in class products at lower premiums to mwBeCLOUD members. Simply find and activate your record to be part of the mwBeLOUD Employee Benefits Group.

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Building sustainable businesses with access to better wealth management

Depending on where you are in the evolution of your business – from startup to growth, to maturity, to exit through sale or succession, our business advisory partners can assist you with a broad suite of services to help you reach your financial goals.