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Better Local Business Agency partners with Cure Staffing, Safety Centers of America, and COVID-19 Test Kit Manufacturers to provide comprehensive safety and re-opening solutions for Schools and Businesses GCs, CMs and Prime Contractors can promote 1 Project for FREE - send to Small & Minority Business Membership is free for first 1 Month - Access Opportunities, Capital,Tax expense reduction and more



Rapid Testing Kits Antigen / Anybody

HEPA Air Filters




Connecting Small Minority Businesses with public and private sector contracting opportunities 


Making it easier for Small Minority Businesses to find local Lenders and Approved Financial Institutions


Property Tax Mitigation, R&D Tax Credit, Cost Segregation, Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Employee Retention Tax Credit - No Savings, No Fee promise.


Tax Credits & Incentives for Business Owners

If you or your business own commercial properties, employ staff, conduct research and development, have trade waste expenses or process credit cards, you can claim back thousand of dollars in tax credits and incentives in just a few weeks.




IRS Approvals


Tax Credits & Incentives Calculator

Studies show that up to 95% of Business Owners are not aware of potentially tens of thousands of dollars in Federal and State tax credits and incentives they can legally claim!

In just 3 minutes, our Tax Credits and Incentives Calculator will assess any business to determine if they qualify for tax credits and/or incentives.


Small & Minority Businesses

Access Opportunities, Access Capital, Lower Business, Expenses Technical Assistance & Medical Benefits

Professional Service Providers

Access a marketplace of over 250,000 Small Minority Business and Local organizations

Approved Financial Institutions

Promote your loan products with packaging assistance, documentation management and marketing

Corporate, Anchors, GCs, CMs, Government

Advertise Opportunities, Source Pre-Qualified firms, GFE Assistance, Utilization Management


Together AS ONE

 Simul Et Unum! Working together is the way to solve problems that impede the progress of Small & Minority Businesses, Opportunities, Capital, Back Office Services and Cost Control. Help us reach our goal of 1 Million members by 2022


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Company team

Mark Hayles
Managing Partner
Growth & Capital Services

With imagination and passion I want to better understand the linkages between local businesses and community economic development. I believe technology is the enabling engine in the creation and sustainability of dynamic and efficient local markets and the effective redirection of capital flows. We are creating solutions to transform local communities into powerful economic hubs. The future is local!

Together as ONE! Simul ut Unum 

Company team

Gary Javier
Managing Director
Partnership Services

Gary started his career in the financial service industry in December of 1991.  He has more than 25 years of experience and knowledge in the insurance, employee benefits, and risk management.  He directs all insurance and employee benefits related services for the Better Local Health Plus.     

Company team

Archana Prasad
Managing Associate
Technology Services

Archana, is an Independent Technology Consultant who supports our product development service delivery processes. She has deep experience in Project Management and Application Development. She assists the Agency with Product Planning and Development and provides on-going technical assistance to the Agency.

Company team

Vanessa Matthew
Managing Associate
Marketing & Communications

Vanessa is Founder of Brazen Marketer, a marketing consultancy based in New York City. her partnership with Better Local Business Agency brings a new level of service to nonprofits and small businesses to win new clients and donors with robust brand strategies and marketing executions.


Company team

Janneh K. Wright
Managing Associate
CDFI / Non Profit Development

 Janneh is Founder and CEO for Primus Business Management. He has over fifteen years' experience leading finance and administrative departments of non-profit organizations with missions related to social services, education, the arts, international NGOs, and think-tanks. Primus and Better Local Business Agency is partnering with CDFI and Non Profits to explore ways of outsourcing non-core services. Our aim is to help build leaner more nimble organizations that increase impact and outcomes to their constituencies

Company team

Paul Louie
Managing Associate
Capital Services

 Paul is Founder of Essence Funding LLC with more than 25 years industry experience having worked for leading financial institutions including, Barclays, UBS, Bank of America and JP Morgan. Paul brings a new dimension to the Agency supporting Small & Minority firms with access to capital on both public and private section projects. Paul will work with the Agency to streamline the lending process and bring a network of lenders to extend choice to firms. Learn more about our financial products HERE



Company team

Chris Corbonell
Managing Associate
Membership Services


Company team

Michelle McClymont
Managing Associate
Membership Services



Company team

Narinder Randawe
Managing Associate
Accounting & Back Office Services



Company team

Kiyeon Nam
Business Associate
Global Sourcing - SE Asia