Capital & Lending Services

Smarter, Fairer, Faster CAPITAL for Small & Minority Businesses

If your business has a contract with a Government Agency or Corporate Enterprise, as a prime or subcontractor, you may be eligible for a Contract Financing Loan from $25,000 to $1,000,000. Loans are available for 3 Months terms  from an annual interest rate of 3% - depending on the type of contract.

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Mobilization Loans

Finance up to 20% for mobilization for a contract value up to $250,000. Starting this process at an early stage, ensures you can start with the right amount of liquidity for your project.

PO Financing

Up to 70% financing of a qualifying Purchase Order, for a Government Agency, Corporate Organization, Anchor Institution contract.

Invoice Financing

Up to 75% financing of an Approved Invoices with a Government Agency or Corporate Organization.

Smart Line of Credit

Your cash flow projecting shows positive and negative balances over a period of time. You need to ensure a positive cash flow. A Line of Credit might be a solution to consider.

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Loan Features

  • Must be a business entity

  • Minimum Loan Size $50,000

  • Maximum Loan $250,000

  • Minimum term 30 days

  • Minimum Credit Score 600

  • Closing Fee 0%

  • No hard credit pulls

  • No personal collateral required

  • Settled Tax Liens or Liens subject to a satisfactory (3 months) Payment Plan

  • Application & Document Management fee of $275

  • Time to funds, between 10 and 21 days

Streamlining Access to Capital With Digitized Packaging and Reduced Decision Timescale

Initial Assessment

Fact Finding. Establish the best product for your capital needs.

Digitized Packaging

Gathering initial information. We reduce processing time by using your certification data to help with the information needed for your loan application.

Lender Review

We assigned your Loan Application Package to one of our Approved Lenders for Review and Underwriting Determination.


We let you know the Lending Decision. Our goal is to complete this process in under 3 weeks.