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When you register, you will be assigned a Dedicated Business Associate (DBA) to guide you through the available Roles, Products and Services in the Resource Center.

Your Account Manager will walk you through completing your Smart Profile,d Digital Capability Statement and show you how to start organizing important documents in the Document Vault.

Get Ready! Your journey is about to begin with the first Digital Market Place for Certified Minority Businesses.

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Personalized Technical Assistance

Supporting critical areas of your business

Create and Manage Documents Online with Document Vault - Free with Membership

Safe & Secured. One location for storing or linking documents from your multiple storage locations, making your ready to share documents for contracting, re-certification, loan applications and more.


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Manage multiple Folders and Tags

  • Create Multiple Folders and Tags with Searchable References

  • Upload documents to selected folders from local computer

  • Create URL Links to documents stored elsewhere - Google Drive, DropBoox

  • Download one or multiple documents - zipped for convenient attachments

  • Archive Documents

  • Request Document Management service, to ensure all your key documents are kept updated each year.